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You have probably heard about “Anchor Text”. Many people may even consider it to be something not serious. But this article will show you what is exactly an anchor text, how important and how useful it can be for your SEO.

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So, what is an anchor text? Let’s see.

Revealing The Importance Of Anchor Text

Anchor text is a visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. It usually gives the user relevant descriptive or contextual information about the content of the link's destination. This fine method of linking is useful and profitable for users and webmasters, as anchor text holds significant weight in search engine rankings.

For example, in the sentence “I want to know what is the stock market” what is the stock market is the anchor text for the link.

Search engines use your anchor text to found the matter that the page is linked in. Search engines assemble data by crawling around the web and check all the links. And anchor texts help them understand what the pages they are going to visit is all about.

So, as it is already clear, Anchor text helps search engines to realize what to expect from the link they follow. Not everybody knows that Google and other search engines use the anchor texts to understand if your content is relevant to the sites linking to you. Link relevancy is one of the search engine ranking ways shown by the contents and the anchor text of the page.

Internal and external links are the two ways one can use for linking in a website. Internal links are the links that show the other web page of the same site while external links show a different website’s pages. These two kinds of linking are very important since they are the unique way of navigation that search engines love very much.

But the way you link to the pages is important because search engines use it to understand the content of such pages. Most bloggers use some standard variants for anchor texts, for example click here or pages, post and so on. This is a serious SEO mistake and I think it is already clear why.

So, never use click here, page, post and the like anchor texts. These words will not show search engines what the page that they visit is about and this will also affect on your search engine ranking.

Don’t also use such anchor texts that doesn’t have any connection to the text of the page that is linked in. A page can’t be about ‘sport’ if “food” is your anchor text.

If a web page is linked to with the right keywords in the anchor text, such web page has a good chance of ranking high in search engines. Always ensure to add the keyword you want, to rank for in your anchor text. Remember if you use the right keywords in the anchor text, your page will have more chances of ranking high in search engines. Always use the right keyword in your anchor.

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Nowadays in SEO using the same Anchor text insist search engines to ignore you, variation in the nachor text increase the possibility of ranking.