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Not all students love doing those dreaded homework. It is a job that is very hard to get done. Yes, it is even hard to get started on those worksheets because it involves completing such tasks at home. And, when at home, you always want to feel relax, to get comfort, and just feel free to do whatever you wanted to do. However, everyone knows that in order to grasp further information on what has been taught at school, a student has to go farther on his academic undertaking. And, this is the reason that educators, teachers, and professors provide homework to students.

Image of Homework a Misery or Way of Learning?

Homework has been a misery for anyone who is attending school classes. Nevertheless, when you are in college you will come to that realization that homework brings a lot of good things. You will be able to appreciate the good side of it. There are various benefits seen in homework that proves to be helping out on student's learning, but others are seeing it as the opposite.

Homework: Its Purpose

Getting the feeling of what is in the real world – Basically, in order for students to retain the information they have acquired in attending school classes then it needs constant practice.  We all know that in order for us to be good at what we are doing, we need complete practice. Homework bring students the habit of studying as well as skills they need in preparation for real-life education.

Homework, a classroom extension – Homework will bring about to the students on how to manage their time, and be responsible in meeting deadlines. It opens the experience of adulthood, getting the feel of 'prioritizing'. And, with homework, it allows parents to get involved on their children's education.

Homework: The Opposite

Homework lessen student's time for other activities, such as sports, leisure, play and other activities that may also be favourable for them. If a student is dwelling too much time completing his homework, it develops anxiety, depression, stress, and may lead to a negative psychological result. Like for example, a student may find it hard completing the assignment then he may feel incapable of learning academically.

Student's socio-economic status – This is one main reason why homework is not seen as helpful to students. There is a huge difference between lower and middle class family. A clear distinction between those parents who can afford to provide technological advancements such as a computer and internet access from those parents who are having a hard time providing needed kids resources for their student's homework to get done.

Nevertheless, we all have grown up in an academic scenario where most people believe that more 'bring home' paper works mean more inputs into our heads. It is a matter of how teachers and parents understood the essence of homework in several aspects.
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