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Are you troubled about the cost of rice in the market seems unpredictable? Did you know that there are foods that can make as alternative to rice? To find out what are those, we will tell you sort of stories.

When it comes to dining time, rice should not be missing on the table. But with the recent hike in the price of rice. Would there be an extra rice more or so?

It has a great impact on the family that earns just enough. Enough to buy their food—dish plus rice. A kind of challenge and we have to fit the budget.

Government Don't Have Ways to Control It

During the past few days. There had been reports of increasing price for commercial rice from 2 to 5 pesos per kilo. Although, Department of Agriculture already denied. Said that rumors about lacking supply of rice in the country is just a hoax—a repeated story.

Image of Foods that Substitute Rice

The Other than Rice

But those who want to save money, there are rice alternatives or replacement you can try! For example, a half cup of rice can be changed to three pan de sal or two pieces of bread loaf. Or replaced it with half cup of sweet potato (kamote), boiled cassava (kamoteng kahoy), and potatoes. Also, corn grits can be use as rice substitute.

Image of Sago Tree from Philippines Visayas and Mindanao

In parts of Visayas and Mindanao, did you know that they made an alternative to rice from the trunk of sago, another kind of palm tree? The trunk of sago tree is pound, smashed and pulverized. Furthermore, soaked with water and left until dry. It often mixed in sweetened banana soup or otherwise combined with sugar.

According to the experts, the foods mentioned above are starchy products which are rich of carbohydrates such as rice. So, these are really perfect to become rice substitute.

Not only nutritious, yet affordable and are found locally. Your options for a lightweight pocket meal.
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