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For easy recipe, frying is to the rescue. But for some who had difficulty with this task. We know it's a little bit hard, so this is our frying tips for you. There are sounds that are delicious to hear. Just like sound of frying from the kitchen. So, as music with proper tiempo, there is also the right way of frying.

Swallow Your Fried!

So guys, are you excited to fry in the simpliest way? With these procedures we're not going blindly on its means. Because we are aiming a 'Frying-Fried Perfect' meal.

Image of Frying a Fish


About fish, how should we do it? Before frying a fish. First, incise its body sideways allowing it to cooked immediately. Wipe it dry with a clean tissue or cloth. This is to prevent from spattering and it does not stick to the pan. Put fish in the pan with at least 3 to 4 tbsp of oil. Remember, only medium heat is needed. Each side of the fish should had fried for three to four minutes, so it wouldn't be overcooked. When flesh of fish turns to white this is a good indication that you cooked it thoroughly.

Image of Frying Vegetables


In frying vegetables, it should be done quickly to avoid losing its nutrients. Essentially, cut pieces of vegetables by-size or smaller dimensions. Stir fry signifies that vegetables remains its organic texture.

Image of Crispy Hotdog


Every breakfast, hotdog and eggs are not missing on mom's list. Especially, if you are running out of time. But did you know to make it more crispier, slitting could be an option? If you usually make narrow cuts with 3 to 4 slices, try consecutive small slit on the surface of hotdog. It is said the key to a crispy hot dog. Fry on medium heat for 3 to 4 hot dogs, with three or four tablespoons of oil.

Image of Scrambled Eggs


For scrambled egg, one tablespoon of oil is required. Mildly move the pan so egg will spread around it. After a minute, toss it up rather than using spoon and fork so it will not break the food.

Image of Fried Porkchop


Meat is our last subject. Oh! Are you one of those who enjoy frying porkchop but end actually failed? Turned meat arid dry and really tough. Well, we have a great solution for that! First, carve the fat thereof using scissor. After pork is cooked, it will not wrinkled and stays flat. Also under medium heat when cooking pork. And oil, ok guys just two or three spoons is enough. Because pork has already high of oil from its fat. As you see those porkchops are not crossing and curling up. An effect of cutting its fatty portion, fat is soluble while its flesh and skin cling together.

Image of Crispy Fry Beef


In beef, oh be sure to make thin slices of it. Tossing pan will help beef cooked equally. Within 3 to 4 minutes it is ready to serve.

Image of Fried Chicken


For chicken, to be crispy and juicy, what should be the method? First, incise the chicken with fine strips. With these slits oil can pushed through, claimed meat and cooked it quickly. Dip frying is needed so prepare wok or deep pan. Fill with oil up to half of the wok. By this method, we precipitated chicken equally and need not be reversed on the other side. It is also important not to overfill the wok with chicken, just leave spaces. This is to maintain the warmth of cooking vessel. We know that the chicken was cooked completely by looking through bubbles coming up from the surface of wok. They are getting less and little-by-little from time to time. The bubbles are great indicator too. The homemade fried chicken crispy yet tasty.

For your 'Super-Fried Hit', don't forget to apply these frying tips on your next menu.

Fried-perfect for you and your family.

Great taste is sure to relish, when frying food is correct.
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