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Every person has to face tooth loss sooner or later in his life. There can be many reasons of tooth loss. Factors like age, dental hygiene and genetic reasons determine the longevity of your smile, teeth and gums. Dental implant treatment is considered as the best solution of tooth loss. A dental implant is a man made root which is placed at the same place where your previous tooth used to be. These implants can provide you the same functionality as an original tooth. Check out the below infographic explaining Tooth loss, Bone loss and Dental Implant.

Image of Infographic: Tooth Loss, Bone Loss and Dental Implants

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Infographic seems to have information loaded. I got severe teeth loss, most probably due to my negligence to myself. I had to remove almost all of my teeth because believe me the pain it's like hell. Now I had to come up with something, and I guess implant is my best option. The photos made me remember my negligence, so lesson learned...


I like, that this article is so informative, because of that poster! Best wishes, Dantu Implantai