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As the technology is changing rapidly, everything conjoined to it is changing in parallel and the Web Design Services trends are no different. Many web designs and templates which were followed couple of years back have been obsolete from the present web industry. The year 2013 has witnessed several new trends in web design globe and companies are marching towards them in order to synchronize with the latest industry trend. This article will throw light on some of the web design trends in 2013.

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1 Responsive Design

The era of responsive web design started some 3 years back when the consumption of computers was outranked by mobiles, smart phones and tablet PCs. Many of the website design according to the screen and the resolution setting of computers did not work on mobiles and tablet PCs properly and this stimulated the need of a responsive design for websites. A responsive design is a web design approach that seeks for optimizing the visual setting of the website, such that the display is accurate for any kind of device, irrespective of its size and resolution setting.

The viewing environment of the website has to be changed using fluid, proportion based grids, flexible images and power coding that can read resize the image and font size as per the requirement of the device. So far, responsive design has been widely accepted by websites operating at both large and small levels as it is deemed as one prime tool to be integrated in the website for reaching maximum users. For this reason, responsive web design is one of the predominant web design trends in 2013.

2. Content First

The significance of content cannot be sidelined for website traffic and ranking. However, the traditional way of preparing website content is to develop a website and then put all content at once on the website, and divide it among different links and sections. To magnify the power of website content the trend of 'content first' has been introduced in the industry which suggests that content should be prepared before the final design of the website, and the visual demonstration of the website, color, images etc. Should be based on the content material. This will correlate the website outlook with the developed content and will help in enlarging the effectiveness of the content.

Enormous websites recently have switched to this new web design trend by utilizing the strategy of lipsum and filtered text, before developing the final content of the website. This helps them in keeping the content precise, powerful and right according to the need of people and also of the search engines. Filtering of the content will also enable the website to keep only the pertinent images and discard the rest so to reduce the loading time of the website.

3. Infinite Scrolling

Another remarkable Web Design Company trend that is expanding its roots in the web industry, especially social media networks is of infinite scrolling. To reduce the loading time, the website only loads the recent or most relevant information on the webpage. As the user scrolls down, the website starts loading more information and links. This trend has gained wide popularity with the designers as the power of infinite scrolling reduces the number of pages to display the same amount of information, and also improves the loading time of the website.
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