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What is the current situation of Philippines Emergency Hotline Patrol 117 nowadays? Government spent PHP 1.26 billion for the construction of 17 computerized Emergency Network Philippines Call Centers (ENP) all over the country that support calls coming from different provinces. By year 2011, Commission on Audit (COA) report shows only six call centers are remain actively functioning. These are; CAR, Region 3, Region 4B, Region 9, Region 10 and Region 11. Currently, among the remaining final 6 call centers. 1 is affected by flashflood. The other 4 are using regular phone lines.

Just Not to Let Patrol 117 Died Out

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The management made transition of retiring old equipment that are costly to maintain. Because the system is now centralized. All calls are routed directly to central call center in Metro Manila. Others along provinces are only used to be an assisting channel. However, management admitted efforts they did to improve the service aren't enough. People are usually wanted a solid result forcing Patrol 117 not just give some reports but resolve.

Estimated Time of Arrival 7 Minutes

Authorities have really lack ways to response. For example, the limitation of police and fire station. When these unit do not have telephones, Patrol 117 need to go through as many processes just to contact them alternatively. Patrol 117 also requesting Filipinos to coordinate, do not abuse the hotline to avoid line being congested. And so, those who are really in need could be cater properly. What is missing now are extra call center agents that will handle thousands of calls everyday.

Yet, because of the enhanced system. Usually, not more than seven minutes, Patrol 117 is there to help you.
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