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The day of calendar has now changed. And the date, it is feared by many—Friday the 13th. People have different ways claimed to avoid misfortune this day may bring. If not bad, apparently an unlucky. That's how people specify number thirteen or trece.

So, even if a building have really physical 13th floor. Right after the 12th floor it is immediately followed by 14th floor. But when it comes to date, as feared by others, the said number is join together with the day of Friday or known to be Friday the 13th.

Image of September 13, 2013

Some Superstitions About Friday the Thirteenth (13th)

  • Unleashing of evil spirits that can occupy the human body.
  • Feast of fairies and demonic creatures.
  • Bathing before the day of 13.
  • Wearing an amulet or preventive trinket.
  • Climbing to high places is highly prohibited.
  • Avoid getting closer to any sharp objects.
  • Pray and not leaving home to prevent accident.

Hopefully, what we're longing of having the idea,​​Friday the 13th. Which we fear doing undesirable things to our fellow during the day. And for we know there might ominous to come, should perform habitually every day. Be a vigilant, let us keep ourselves safe, let us not hurt other people. Etheir, if it is Friday the 13th or just a regular day. Instead, we could start by saying, "Thanks God it's Friday!"

Friday the 13th Trivia

Fear on the day of Friday started during the Roman Empire. The day for where prisoners were sentenced and penalized. Whilst, in most cases thirteen was considered irregular number.
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