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Instagram is a popular social media app developed for your smartphone and tablet devices to share your photos on the network. Interestingly, they have now added another feature that allows you to share your videos just like your images. The same feature has already been offered by another social media app called Vine, but this upgrade to Instagram has affected the popularity of Vine in a serious way.

Image of Instagram vs. Vine

Instagram vs. Vine

The main selling point of Vine has always been its video sharing feature, but now people can do the same with Instagram, which has made it a better option. It is worth mentioning that many people have been using both of these apps u they use Vine to share videos and Instagram to share images. However, it now makes no sense to keep Vine when Instagram offers both functions. Many people thought that Vine would respond by adding an image feature, but that isn't the case.

It is quite interesting to see that instead of offering a different feature to share images, Vine has improved their video sharing feature by adding re-vining and private video channels. The problem is that even though their video sharing function is better than Instagram, they still cannot compete with the functionality of Instagram, as people would always need something to share images.

Will Vine Survive the Blow?

This is a tough question to answer. The reason is that some people are always loyal to their favorite apps and irrespective of the new updates, they stick with their old apps. Keeping this in mind, you will still see people opting for Vine to upload videos. The thing is that there will definitely be a clear decrease in the number of people using Vine this year as compared to the last year.

Another interesting thing is that people who don't upload videos just for fun wouldn't mind using both of these apps. However, if you upload your videos for entertainment, opting for Instagram will definitely make better sense. It is due to this reason that you can see a slow but persistent increase in the Instagram audience, which also implies the fact that many people are now leaving Vine for Instagram. It may also mean that many people who have been using both of these apps have now deleted Vine.

The Quality of Video Feature

It is true that both of these apps now offer video sharing feature, but it is also a good thing to compare them for the quality of this feature. With the addition of Re-Vining and private channels, Vine is now a better choice for video sharing. On the other hand, you can find several editing tools in Instagram u you can use these tools to improve your videos before sharing them with others. Moreover, Instagram now comes with video stabilization software, which means you don't to worry about your videos being shaky. You cannot find this feature with Vine, and that's another reason why people are moving away from Vine toward Instagram.

Video Time Limit

It is true that you can find many reasons why Instagram is growing in popularity, leaving Vine behind. However, if you pinpoint only one feature that makes Instagram a better choice, it has to be their video time. For instance, a Vine video will have a 6-second limit, which is the reason why it is easy and fast to load and play these videos. On the other hand, an Instagram video may run up to 15 seconds. As Instagram is offering better time video time, many people are now interesting in using it instead of Vine. For some people who want to use their videos to clear a point or explain a product, it is a better idea to opt for Instagram because they have 15 seconds to share their thoughts.

The fact of the matter is that though there will still be people interesting in using Vine, you will soon see a shift in its popularity. Many people have already shifted to Instagram for sharing their videos and the trend is only going to get stronger in the future.

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