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While choosing a profession everyone wants a job which guarantees job satisfaction, good financial rewards and benefits, job security, and good savings when one retires. All these form the areas to watch out when one is taking up a course, choosing a stream of education or finally taking up a job. Well-paid jobs are wanted by all and few get them. Below are listed some jobs which offer good salaries.

Though this is the era of specialization almost all kinds of fields and streams of money making are lucrative; provided one is a specialist in their respective arenas. The time calls for honing one’s skills in a manner which make one significant and indispensable for the organization they work for. But there are few safe streams or jobs which offer more than other line of work and they remain in demand.

Recent years have seen that one never knows when the Economy may be hit by a wave of recession or a low period with stagnant growth in the major industries. This makes one wonder about their future and job security and both are important.

There are certain jobs which continue to get good salaries and despite recession they continue to remain in demand. Some of them are listed below.

Medical Jobs

Recession or no recession, this is one industry which is never out of business and demand. Falling in the basic human survival category, medicine continues to be a favourite among the students who love Biology and Chemistry. The career in the same offers immense job satisfaction, respect in the society, good financial rewards and a secure future. A doctor or a paramedic or a pharmaceutical professional never retires and can start working from home after he gets old enough to go to a hospital/shop/factory.

Rated as the best job since ages, it continues to rule the roost even after the invasion of technology.

Information Technology (IT) Jobs

With the boom in the IT sector and every desk needing a computer for all kinds of work, IT professionals will never go out of work till the time foreseen. Almost everything is now dependent on technology and for the same professionals who can create, manage, evolve, repair, and operate different kinds of software will be needed. The profession pays you well too as the expertise is the crux of the job and as one climbs the ladder of levels, one gets exorbitant salaries.

Chartered Accountants

Now financial management is not everyone’s cup of tea and hence every organization, enterprise, group, NGO, school, college, MNC, businessmen and individual require experts who can handle and manage their finances in the best way possible. This sector too remains recession free, as tax, income, savings and investment planning is needed by all. CA’s make a lot of money as they can work with an investment firm, company and also give advice to individuals personally.

Teaching and Coaching

Another stream which falls in the category of basic living amenity is the stream of education like career in teaching and coaching students. All one has to do is use their education, or specialization and coach others. This industry has not seen any recession and in recent times it has become a lucrative industry. A new saying has come into being, “There is no business like education these days’. The amount of investment, spending, participation and demand this industry has no other filed has.

Education is now a basic right and everyone seeks education according to their budget and capability and this has created a space for lakhs of teachers, educational institutions, private colleges, private coaching classes, student counselling institutes, deemed university,foreign education counselling firm and what not. Education industry is truly a money spinner.
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Applicants those who are choosing latest govt jobs, in the mean time can apply for other jobs in private sectors. As there seems to be less number of Vacancies in govt. sector the government should think about other alternatives.