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To keep your data safe and avoid it from losing by errors or hacking, we have to use automatic WordPress backup plug-ins. These plug-ins could automatically backup the data including your posts, comments, etc. The two components that you need while doing backup process are data in MySQL database and files that make up a WordPress install.

Following are the top backup plug-ins that are used in WordPress to secure data.

1. WP DB Manager

This allows you to obtain your WordPress database, schedule automatic backup or repair and even erase it.

2. Backupify

It is a plug-in that secures your data from getting deleted/lost/corrupted and protects it from errors, hackers and nasty attacks.

3. VautlPress

With the help of this WordPress tools you can create back up for your data as It has the speciality of saving your content every time you update the data. It has a plain restore system, security scan and repair tools. But this plugin is not free.

4. BackupBuddy

This plugin helps you can schedule backup and move your WordPress database to DropBox- FTP- Server or to your e-mail address. This plugin is also provided with iThemes and can retrieve your lost data.

5. Backuper

It is also known as a WordPress backup plugin which is a small, simple and only plugin that completely and automatically restores your WordPress as well as cPanel account. Moreover, it is perfect, free and user friendly. Here the files are encrypted, transmitted and stored securely.

6. myRepono WordPress Backup Plugin

It is one of the online backup services that help you to save your WordPress website files and also MySQL database tables by the aid of online and web-based management system. The backup files are compressed to 10% of their original size. It is compatible with Unix, Linux and Windows. It provides automated backups and web-based backup management and restoration tools. It can store as many or as few backups as you like at competitive data storage rates. Moreover, it is fast and friendly and provides online technical support.

7. Online Backup

A simple plugin which is used for securely backing up your WordPress database to e-mail or to download the saved site and store it on 100MB online storage.

8. BackWPup

It is WordPress backup plugin that provides a flexible and scheduled backup to location you prefer i.e. DropBox, FTP server. It has the capacity to save all of your files (zip, tar, gz formats) that exists on site and save the whole installation with this plugin and saves on external backup service. It can repair and check database of blog, also send them to e-mail.

9. XCloner

A Backup and Restore element that is designed for PHP or MySQL websites which backups and restores the files and WordPress database. This tool utilizes open Source standards like TAR and MySQL formats thus providing more flexibility and full control. It can create custom backups, generate automatic backups and you can even share the custom backups with clients.

10. BackUpWordPress

This is website is actually using this plugin it's too simple to operate. You can manage either just only files should be saved as back up or only the database or both. This plugin can send the saved back up files instantly if there was an email associated by the website administrator.

You have to ensure that you have a backup your work, especially if you are dealing with business blog. Just install any of these plugins and let it to protect all your work. If you want to more update please check
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