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Imagine taking your pet fish for a walk! Impossible you say? A few types of fish, known as walking or ambulatory fish, can travel on land from 20 minutes to as long as several days. Some wriggle their way on land while others use arm-like fins to get around. One fish can even climb trees.


Image of Catfish Walking on Land

One species of catfish can breath air and move on land. Walking catfish get around by wriggling, much like snakes do. Native to Southeast Asia, the catfish are now found in Florida. If the fish's home dries up, it will travel on land and search of a new home. The catfish can live on land for several days—as long as their skin stays moist.


Image of Chinese Fishzilla

Some people call the freshwater snakehead fish "Fishzilla" because its sharp teeth and long, massive body remind them of a monster. Snakeheads crawl from one pond to another by wriggling their three-foot long bodies on the ground.

Like walking catfish, the snakehead is native to China. With no natural predators in the Philippines, they can quickly take over a pond or lake, destroying the wildlife.


Image of Mudskipper

These fish live and skip about in mud in shallow tidal pools. They use their fins like arms to move. When they are out of water, mudskippers breath through their skin but it must be moist for them to take in oxygen. So they are never far from water.

Climbing Trees

Some mudskippers have suction-like fins on their belly. This makes it possible for them to cling vertical surfaces, such as trees that grow in their swampy habitats.

Is This The Real Pokemon?

Image of Mexican Walking Fish Salamander

Although it's often called the "Mexican walking fish," the axolotl (ack-suh-lah-tuhl) is not a fish at all. This aquatic salamander belongs to the amphibian family.
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