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Do you have an emergency? If America has 911, there is Patrol 117 also in the Philippines. Crime, fire, accidents or even any tragedy. Anywhere, anytime in just seven minutes help will come. It's also became one main refuge when the crisis exploded in Zamboanga. So even war they therein. The thing is, within the agency itself has some problems. So the question of many, is Patrol 117 maximized its original purpose?

Lack of Contact Centers and Call Center Agents

Image of Patrol 117 Call Center Agents

Today, did you know that there are only 45 call center agents therein on our national emergency hotline? They received more than 4, 000 calls a day. It's really undeniable how huge role Patrol 117 against crime has. But clearly, agents are overloaded processing typically the nearly 300 calls per day.

Interesting Call Facts

Since the crisis started in Mindanao the past two weeks. People lean on Patrol 117 or the 'National Emergency Hotline. With Patrol 117 you can ask for help, make a report about crime. But not all of the calls they receive are considered to be emergencies.
  • 1 out of 10 calls are prank call.
  • 1 out of 4 callers are using 117 as phone directory.
  • The total 98.55% of all calls are out of scope or isn't emergency at all.
  • In the end, out of all call volumes. Only 1.45% calls are considered to be emergency.

If we wanted this to become more effective. It's time for the government to focus their attention. Making Patrol 117 widely deliver its services by adding agents who will send commands via phone.
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Uminit lang ang ulo ko nang tumawag ako sa 117. May rumesponde naman sa report kong hina-harass na babae pero nakaalis na nung dumating sila. Ang haba naman kasi question and answer! Tinanong pa ako ng operator kung ano daw ba ang gusto kong mangyari? Sinagot ko na lang ng; "117 'to di ba?" Wala na yata talagang pag-asa 'tong bansang 'to.


Naku sinabi niyo pa ganyan talagang hindi pa pulido ang serbisyo.


Call centers help to continuously monitor different parameters in an effort to gauge performance and ultimately improve quality and efficiency.