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Word press has started its business with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of the writing. It has started with few users now it has grown to the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.

Everything created on from documentation to code it is by and for the community. Word press is an open source project hundred of peoples all over the world are working over it. It means that it is free to use from cat’s home page to fortune 500 pages website or paying any license fee. It has provided more freedom.

How Much a Website Cost:

Image of Website Cost

The cost of a website is going to very upon what we are trying to accomplish.

Furthermore, every website has two main costs involved.
  • 1. The domain name
  • 2. The Web Host

Domain Name:

1st of all we need to purchase a domain name. Domain name registrationhas become quit cheap lately, and we must able to register our name for less than $10 per year.

The Web Host:

Once we have the domain name, we have to find out the webhost, that webhost will provide you the space on its server and will be where our site lives.

Hosting fee can vary widely depending upon the options we need.

Price for a Website Build on Word Press:

Pricing a website design can seem impossible.Agood website can cost between thousands of dollars and under fifty dollars, depending upon the type of the site how built it and the hundreds of other numbers are build.These numbers can make difficulty for us that we are confused that where the point to own our price.

How we know that what worth our work have when all others designer’s prices are all over the place???

All prices are not equal or same. it seems to be thestupidity of a person that all the websites are of same type design or are similar, differences like the framework the sitesare build upon the process the website designerare using require radically different prices.

A website design that does not require more than designing a new theme for word press probably would not cost much.

When we think for a large and complicated website where we see plenty of traffic than it cost more.

The reason it’s so hard to simply give one a price for a website is, that there are so many damn factors are involved.Even outside the technology which matters alot.
  • Word press are actually free there may be cost of plug in and Psd to wordpress themes.
  • Customer design requires times so any amendment based of the feedback so require cost.
  • The time and energy require to build a site by developer then converting them into designs and then to word press themes.

Image of Wordpress Fully Built

So the websites those are build on word press are costly according to the website design and requirements, thus it varies from client to client demands he has for his website.

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