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Among of the thousand games and application available online. These apps caught the hearts of most people on gaming field.

  • 10. Amateur Surgeon
  • 9. Zombie Tsunami
  • 8. Temple Run
  • 7. Minecraft
  • 6. 2Fuse
  • 5. 4 Pics, 1 Word
  • 4. Angry Birds
  • 3. Plants vs. Zombies
  • 2. Minion Rush

For you guys, what is the gaming app you think could possibly win the top spot of this half quarter?

Let's try... At number one, do you think it would be Pacman? Or how about Super Mario? Many attempted it would be Contra.

That's a good guess! Hmmm... But a big NO. Because the most addictive game for today's history is nothing but the crashing Candy Crush Saga!!!

Image of Candy Crush the Number One Game

Sweet, tasty, delicious, divine sugar crush!!! These hypnotic words are our loop in those Candy Crush addicts mind.

What's Up With Candy Crush Saga?

Candy Crush is an insane concept for it was packed with evolution of bejeweled match tricks. A new type of game that provides unique experience in every trips. Either entry and advance user will surely enjoy the game—for it has progression that may level up.

Per level its difficulty gets more interesting. Yet, challenging for where each stage has limited moves. Once these movements are all depleted, your out from the game.

As you go through different levels. You even see and track where your friends are.

Released by a game developer King.com last 12th of April 2012. Candy Crush gained a huge popularity both on Facebook and mobile. Record shows that there is about 46 millions active monthly users. Among these are children that age goes even below 5 years old. Not only kids, but even people at seniority, 60 years old and above really love this gaming application. There is no doubt that Candy Crush is a great game for all ages.

With nice graphics and visualization. Available in different platforms, which is Candy Crush advantage. As today, everybody wants everything installed right away. A simple touch and tapping screen will explode desired sweet combinations.

Imagine how addictive is it? Well, that some people spend a lot of money and max out their credit cards. Just to buy extra life and power ups.

So, what levels are you guys at now? Are you stuck and having some hard time to get through? Candy Crush is somehow free, and buying items is optional. However, in either way, spending few bucks could help. If not, share it with your friends to get extra gifts and rewards.
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