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Operating piggery in residential and urban areas could cause problems. Especially, when swines start producing stinky and foul odor. Also, together with its dirty slaughterhouse where animals are process before sending out to the market.

Image of Slaughter House

Considered nothing but nuisance to the community. It take much time and usually owners do not make any action to fix it. Indicating as a threat to residents particularly its bad effect on children. It should be investigated, local government should be aware and lay a proper resolution. In the same way, it is where all the meat came from that also brought to market. There must to do something with slaughterhouse that is still not fully functional or tools and facilities that are not in good condition. Residents can collect signatures and unite. Submit a petition to the local government or agencies. Like the following below;
  • City or Municipal Health Office
  • Local Sanitary Office
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)

Health Concerns that May Bring to Community

  • Allergic reaction - through direct contact or airborne. Skin disease like scabies could be the result.
  • Respiratory problem - aside from allergies. Also, it could possibly cause difficulty in breathing. Harmful for those who are dealing with asthma and other respiratory infections.
  • Losing of appetite - well, anyone who could smell a rotten like-a-pigpen will surley unable to keep desire on eating meal.
  • Contaminate drinking water - when waste is directly put on the ground, there would be contamination and ground water may not be safe to consume.

What Every Good Farmer Should Have?

Image of Untidy Piggery

If you are planning to run a business like livestock or piggery. There are things that you should be prepared of. This is to avoid any conflict, earning money in righteous way.
  • Location - farm is away from most people not in a crowded places.
  • Security - set a secured farm or else you go home with nothing but an empty pocket.
  • Septic Tank - proper sewage and waste depository.
  • Proper Sanitation - always maintain cleanliness and use disinfectant.
  • Authorization - must have Permit to Operate and Sanitation Permit.
  • Veterinary Evaluation - engage in the practice of veterinary medicine.

If all fails, it may be subject to penalties and fines. The worst is, say goodbye to your profit your swine flu-ing business is totally terminated!!!
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