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Just this morning I was on Philippine General Hospital (PGH) for the preparation on my incoming hernia operation. When I noticed the number of people crammed near the Public Assistance Center (PAC). Thus scenery bring up my eagerness to find out what is really happening. Actually, it's a rootcrop called "yacon" was positioned to gather people's attention. At first glance this yacon looks like sweet potato (kamote), but when I grabbed some bite, it tastes like apples. So maybe this is the main reason why they called it 'Apple of the Earth'. Except for its delicious flavor, yacon offers countless health benefits as well.

Almost all parts of yacon is conducive to health. Whether peeled or not, we can immediately eat the yacon skin and flesh. Just don't forget to wash it first with water or else you swallow some dirt which is not good for the body. You can also stew the yacon in hot water. But most importantly yacon is considered a great food for medication.

Image of Yacon

An Incan superfood (Inca tribes first cultivated yacon), the sweet 100% organic yacon substance inulin as replicated the sweet taste found in the roots of elecampane which also contains this substance. Another name of the yacon is Peruvian ground apple. The tuber is composed mostly of water and fructooligosaccharides.

The Health Benefits of Yacon

  • 1. People with diabetes and hypertension are recommend to eat yacon with skin at least 5 slices every before meal.
  • 2. Yacon also helps overcome all kinds of kidney problem by boiling the skin of 40 grams with 7 glasses of water.
  • 3. Boiling yacon for 15 minutes and serve as water as whole day could give relief to a person that has UTI, rheumatism, arthritis, high cholesterol, stroke, and uric acid.
  • 4. Eating yacon right after every meal is good for patient with cancer, constipation, insomnia, obesity and yacon has prebiotic that provide additional health benefits.
  • 5. Non-fatty, makes no worry about over dosage as eating yacon anytime will set you free from future sickness for it is a food that can prevent cancer and prostate problems.

Yacon also has similarity with other plants when it comes to flower, it looks really the same as sunflower. The leaves is likely as eggplant leaves. Something like turnip but grows the same as radish. So next time you see yacon on the market, don't hesitate to taste apple from the Earth's very depth.

"One yacon a day keeps the sickness away!"
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Other Yacon benefits include being an immune booster, colon cleanser, and weight loss aid. It is extremely becoming popular for weight loss. Also, it helps your body absorb vitamins, Calcium and Magnesium.

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