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Apple has been ruling the world for quite some time now with regards to the Apple iPhone, iPod and even the iPad. However, it seems that Android is taking over the first position from Apple. With time the number of people buying Android is becoming more and more, in comparison to the number of people opting to get an Apple iPad. There's going to be a huge shift in the leadership who is going to rule the world of smart technology, as of now. The process has already started. In fact, during the second quarter of this year, Google announced that more than 1.5 million devices get Android activation on a daily basis.

As per market researchers and as per the ABI Research, in the middle of this year there has been three significant events which marked that the baton has passed on from the hands of Apple iPad to that of Android enabled tablets. It is not only the simple android handsets, but also the number of tablets which surpassed the number of iOS based tablets which have been sold, in the second quarter of 2013. In addition, there came in huge change with regards to the revenues earned through the tablet based hardware. Another very important change is the rise in the average selling price of the iPad which is fast approaching the average rates in the tablet market.

In addition, the number of shipments on the average lowered in the in the second quarter by 17%. As per senior practice director Jeff Orr. "Smaller 7-inch class tablets are finally the majority of shipments," and goes on to say that "The 7.9-inch iPad mini represented about 60% of total iPad shipments and 49% of iPad-related device revenues in the quarter."

This is perhaps for the first time perhaps when the revenues earned through iPad shipments represented only 50% of the users, on a worldwide basis. This too is the data for the second quarter of 2013 when Apple earned revenues amounting to $12.7 billion. There has been similar changes in the vendor landscape. If the reports of the last year is considered, it would be seen that the ASP of iPad dropped by 17%, but the rest of the industry experienced an increase of 17%. The iPad drop is primarily attributed to the introduction and volume shift to the smaller iPad mini. According to Jeff Orr, "Twelve months is a long time for the peak lifecycle of a contemporary tablet. To remain a leader, Apple must continue to innovate and address real-world market needs."
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