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Young Pinay admired online communities with her version of Miley Cyrus hit "Wrecking Ball" despite of her disability. Not only she sings great, she also leads among children at her age and on their class. Cool! She is 11 year-old Joyce Jimenez.

Two days after it was uploaded on Facebook, video immediately obtain thousands of likes and shares. It also earned warm commendation from different people who watched her singing with a heartful soul.

What Can We Say?

  • "God really has His own way making everything possible. The GIRL so impressive."
  • "That's a God-given talent! Surely, when you have something missing God fills it in with greater things. Imperfection was never a hindrance to keep breaking through your limitations."
  • "And I became very emotional... It moved me to tears. This girl is very beautiful and talented. She's an angel."

Those are some comments on the video that stunned netizens. A young Filipina, which she is visually impared singing the song that popularized by Miley Cyrus. Joyce's disability did not stop her to showcase her talents and achieve her dreams.

Joyce resides in Brgy. Luzon on the town of Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental. She was born blind, but she persevered in studying her lessons and learned how to sing. Joyce read the lyrics of the song by using Braille alphabet. She also listened to a radio to get the proper tune. — See: Some Great Inventions Made by Kids

Whenever there's gathering in their hometown, Joyce was the singing star. Besides of her exceptional talent in singing, the young girl is also top student at school—where her fellow classmates have no disabilities at all. Her mom is proud and filled with happiness about it. Either way, Joyce been receiving countless awards. Aside being singer, Joyce's dream is to become a teacher someday.
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That's really amazing, how she learn the song by not reading it.