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Hamburger is one of the favorite snacks of most children. Hence, a school in Dagupan City serves delicious yet, more nutritious patties. That's the burger made of talaba or oyster patties and some vegetables so definitely a nutritious food to eat. Department of Education (DepED) prohibits selling of junk foods in school canteens. There should nutritious foods such as fruits and dishes include vegetables, foods that provide proper diet to students in order maintaining their good health.

Image of Oyster Patty

Teachers of Lucao Elementary School in Dagupan City found an alternative food in the habit of their pupils like hamburger. Instead of pork or beef, oyster was the main ingredient of the burger patty.

Cooking Procedure on Making Talaba Burger

How to prepare the oyster burger patty? Good teachers of Lucao shared the simple and proper way on how to cook the talaba burger patty.
  1. Remove oyster from the shell.
  2. Place the oyster flesh in a clean basin.
  3. Mix with peeled and chopped onions, tomatoes, carrots and celery.
  4. Add in a few pieces of leaves of horseradish ("malunggay"), egg and breading mix.
  5. Blend and mix the ingredients until you get the right texture.
  6. Next fry it, depending on the volume of desired size for the patty.
  7. When patty turns golden brown remove it from oil.
  8. Serve as regular patty, add some cucumber and lettuce.

In every half kilo of oyster. You can produce 20 pieces patties. A nourishing way to fill children's belly. Oyster is rich in protein and iron. Added horseradish is also teeming with vitamins and minerals. Hmmm... It doesn't taste like an oyster, it tastes really like a burger. Cook now and taste it yourself!
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