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There is no way to predict for when earthquake strikes in such specific place. But we can prepare for it, read some important tips to stay safe during an earthquake. The software created by the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) will help us as well. Let's find out how the computer program works.

During disaster of such magnitude 7.2 occurred in Bohol. Quick responds is the most important to areas being affected. Typically, officials depend on reports from stricken by tragedy to provide corresponding actions. But as usually happens, communication is cut off or being interrupted—delaying the delivery of help, rescue or relief goods.

What is REDAS?

Image of REDAS

Consequently, PHIVOLCS developed a computer software to determine the potential damage may result from earthquakes elsewhere in the country. This is Rapid Earthquake Damage Assestment System or REDAS. It was conceptualized after the July 16, 1990 earthquake. People knew what happened that time, there was an earthquake. But, geologist did not managed to determine the epicenter and magnitude. So, they haven't immediately acquired the information of landslides and liquifaction in some areas of Tarlac.

By putting data and catastrophic vibration, in an instant, software will inform where is the next;
  • landslide
  • huge ground shaking
  • liquifaction
  • tsunami
  • structures to collapse

Taking Up the Test

The damage estimation tool, require data such as photos of landscape, map, urban structures and then enable the simulator. This issue results in damages and even fatalities due to the damages.

For example, a 7.2 magnitude on the side of Marikina Valley Fault. Causes Intensity 8 in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Although, no expected tsunami to come. Surely, it can bring landslide on areas of Antipolo, Rizal and up along the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Once all data of buildings and structures in Metro Manila loaded in computer software. Information be obtained on which of them could survive or not against the earthquake. Still, PHIVOLCS says preparation is a plus! Especially, if you live on reclaimed land because has no natural foundation.
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