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Today, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) urging the public not to catch and eat the female mud crab ('alimango'). It has to grow more and have to continue reproducing. As per the BFAR, there is a slight decreasing in the number of crabs.

Image of Babaeng Alimango or Female Mud Crab

Yet, they said that the number of female crabs is enough. But they still concerning of the possible depletion. Although production of mud crab is higher on previous years, in these recent months it slightly dropped.

What Makes Female Mud Crab Very Important?

  • An adult female crab can produce three million crablets. A great reason of conservation for the next generations.
  • On the average life span, a female crab produce eggs of 30 million. Which only 30 thousand able to survived and can fully developed.

How Do We Classify Female from Male Crabs?

Image of Crab Sex Organ

The crab known to be a female by the wide lid that covers its chest. While male crab has smaller triangular shaped lid.

The Taste of a Male Mud Crabs
Aside from saving mud crabs away from extinction. Male crabs are best for appetite. Two sentences below described it why?
  • Male mud crabs are more delicious because of its bigger pincers which contains much flesh.
  • Male mud crabs are ideal to eat because it has less saturated fats.

There is Ecological Competition

Image of Knife Fish

Meanwhile, BFAR started a campaign combating knife fish in Laguna de Bay. One of the main reason for decreasing growth of the mud crab population is knife fish. Now,it's already 10 tonnes of knife fish caught from the lake everyday.

Per kilogram of knife fish means they already ate 7 kilos of different types of fish.

In the present study, the BFAR continues to produce another products from knife fish. Among of these are fish balls, hot dogs, fish nuggets, burgers and fish food.
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