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This upcoming Halloween scary costumes turn out to be trendy. But did you know that we can also produce Halloween make-up at home? Whether on movies or TV series, mobile games, photo apps, and fun run—which is now the real chasing game on the road. We already being invaded by zombie fever! Although they're only fictional. There's enjoyment for they could scare, flee because fear of them and delight people.

The estimated total cost for prosthetics of being zombie may start from P2, 000 up to P10, 000. But for which you know, you you can achieve it with the help of things found at home? The zombie character needs blending colors like using white and black. Greyish and greenish colors that highlights the organic decaying effects.

DIY Tips on Making Alternative Zombie Make-up

Image of Prosthetics of Being Zombie

Even up to three hours actually you have to spent in order to look like zombie. Tired and being exhausted would be gone away when you started intimidating people with your new zombie outfit.
  • Fake blood - to create fake blood just mix corn syrup, food color, and cocoa powder together.
  • Skin burns - also, if you want to look like burnt zombie. You can mix gelatin, glycerin and foundations. Just put it on high heat oven for ten seconds to complete and get the right texture.
  • Skin peel - for the skin peeled and flakes use a tissue, paste it using school glue, and then cover with foundation.
  • For finishing touch, using fake blood paint the scars with little of drops so that seems to be corresponding to reality.

Mostly, zombies are believe came from virus infection, radiation or chemical contamination. Which brought them back to life and making them undead. To start the real action. You have to stare at the possible victim, an eye to eye interaction, and focus on executing unexpected movements to scare them away. You have to learn about the exact zombie character that you'd choose so you can perfectly portrait it.
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