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It's never too early preparing for Christmas. So our good news advice, make wonderful scenery from old things. Bring up Christmas decors! Holiday season is approaching, so it's time for you to bring your chromatic decoration. Especially, the colorful Christmas tree. But, we need to put variety of decors in order to make it magnificent. Of course, these are some kind expensive. Fussed for those who don't have enough budget. But have no worry, because we can create an ostentatious Christmas tree only with the use of recycleable products.

What We Need?

  • already-used Christmas tree balls
  • old CDs
  • bottle crown
  • magazines
  • glue gun
  • yarn or thread
  • scissor
  • paint
  • ribbon

DIY Disco Christmas Balls on a CD

To give a new look on our Christmas tree decor. We're making disco-like Christmas balls. Old Christmas balls are usually loses its brilliant by having scratches. So we can just redecorate by using old CDs.
  1. Cut old CDs into small pieces to accrue enough quantity.
  2. Using glue gun paste every pieces of CD into the ball.
  3. Firmly attach the very piece of CD to make sure it does not fall out when hanging.
  4. Then, put yarn or thread making it complete.

The former epigones Christmas balls. Now, it has a new look.

Softdrinks Cap or Crown Mr. Snowman

Your old bottle cap from taken from softdrinks, don't throw it all away. Because we can make it Christmas decor.
  1. Get three bottle crowns pinch them together with the help of glue gun.
  2. Then, you can start painting. Only use white paint in coloring bottle caps.
  3. Using black paint put a face like a snowman.
  4. Use ribbon to serve as snownman scarf and you can still add some designs.
  5. Lastly, put a string.

Recycled Magazine Christmas Balls

Last but not the least, we will turn old magazine as fashionable Christmas balls.
  1. From strips of magazine, roll it over and create small pieces which has a thinner endings.
  2. Pile it with glue gun to produce ball-like structure.
  3. In the middle hole of the ball place and tie the ribbon.
  4. Steps 1, 2, 3 and now you have your new Chistmas ball to hang on a tree.

A simple ways on making Christmas decors. Your Christmas tree is surely teeming with yuletide essence. Made with fashion, yet saves a pocket!

Image of DIY Christmas Decors

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