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Almost all of the animal species that have ever roamed the face of the Earth have disappeared. They have either gone extinct or have evolved into something more adequate for their respective living conditions, climate and geological changes. Even though many animal rights organizations act as if humans are the cause for the endangerment of most of the animal species today (and make no mistake, we are accountable for some of them either because we are hunting them for profit or because we destroy their habitats, mostly for profit, again), there are a lot of animals that have become endangered just because they are no longer capable of surviving in their living environments. Here are some endangered animal species you might have heard of (and some you might have not heard of).

The Goliath Bird Eating Spider

Image of Goliath Bird Eating Spider

The Goliath Bird Eating Spider is nature's way of saying, "Humans, tremble in fear before my power." And tremble we shall, as this is one of the creepiest animals you can ever imagine. Just bear with me for a second u visualize one of the nasty little spiders that makes its way into your living room. Pretty easy to kill with a newspaper, right? Well, if you want to kill a Goliath (you shouldn't, because they're endangered, but hypothetically speaking) you should think more in terms of a shotgun and less in terms of "Lord of the Rings". This arachnid is the size of a dinner plate and you can hardly hold it with just one hand (as if someone would want to hold it). As implied by the name, its diet includes small to medium sized flying animals. Your parrot doesn't stand a chance.

Ravoux's Slavemaker Ant

The ideas of expansion and supremacy are obviously not a characteristic only of humans as indicated by this species of ants. Check this out and tell me nature doesn't have a twisted sense of humor u the queen of the slavemakers fakes her own death near an enemy's ant colony. The locals, obviously unfamiliar with the concept of a Trojan Horse, carry her into their nest where she reanimates, tears the locals' queen apart and then covers herself in the dead queen's pheromones. This is something that happens in nature, not in a bad horror movie. She then lays her eggs and the newly produced super-soldiers overrun the colony. After they're done, they march to another one. I wonder how many species of ants have they endangered?

Ganges Shark

Keeping the pace with nature's twisted creations, here is another one for you u the Ganges shark. Sharks are usually associated with salt waters and most people aren't concerned about them until they get to the beach (after watching "Jaws"). Well, guess what u these sharks are native, as the name implies, to the Ganges River in India (although they can be spotted in other rivers in the region). Still, even though these sharks are "true river sharks" (meaning they don't need to migrate to reproduce), there is nothing to be worried about (unless you live in eastern or northeastern India, that is).


Image of Panda

Let's finish the list with these fluffy carnivores (even though they mainly eat bamboo, they are still classified as carnivores). Pandas are soft and cute and are maybe one of the examples of animal species who have lost the will to exist. Seriously, they don't even want to reproduce naturally without the help of the employees in the zoo and the only reason they've grown so accustomed to eating bamboo is because their ancestors became too lazy to hunt and figured out that a rooted plant doesn't require to them to do much work. Bamboo isn't sufficient enough an energy source so they do they everything in their power to do move as little as possible. No wonder they're almost extinct.

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