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As per the Institute of Plant Breeding in UP Los Baños Laguna Philippines it is safe to eat eggplant that is genetically modified or they called it "BT Talong." Indeed, an ordinary eggplant can easily infested by a cripple worm. However, new genetically modified eggplant has great resistant against pests—it can't inhabit inside the BT talong. Planting the said vegetable isn't mandatory and farm owners don't want to get involve on the research.

Philippines Court of Appeals affirmed the requests of farmers and environmentalists to stop the study and cultivation of a genetically modified eggplant. Groups who are against planting genitically modified organism (GMO) eggplant were glad on the decision made by the authority. It covers the banning of cultivation and its further research. Greenpeace also referring that it has no certainty to be good for the health and GMO may harm the environment.

Statistics of GMOs in Global Agriculture

Image of GMO Eggplant Plantation

  1. Over 90% of land around the world is GMO free.
  2. Only 4 countries grow 85% of the total GM crops.
  3. The four countries that grow 85% of GMOs worldwide are the U.S. (50%), Argentina (17%), Brazil (13%), and Canada (6%).
  4. 167 out of the 192 countries grow no GMOs at all.
  5. 99.5% of farmers around the world do not plant GM crops at all.

If given opportunity for field testing and commercializing release of GMOs. With distribution it may become widespread. Contaminate other crops by process of pollination. Until it reaches to the point that finally, it has bad side effects. How could we undo it? That may be too late, so prevent it before it get worse!

As a result, last 20th September this year. Court commanded government agencies and other groups to terminate GMO project on "BT Talong" such as;
  • Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • University of the Philippines Los Baños
  • UPLB Foundation

GMOs are also great advances in field of science and discovery. But because it is synthetic, man-made crops are not supported by most farmers. Yet, not considered natural from nature itself—GMO possibly holds huge unknown disadvantages. And even experts behind these alteration couldn't write it down.
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