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Authority discovered that the bronze statue worth hundred-thousands of pesos in Manila is missing. Just this past Saturday when the Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) found out that Kanlungan ng Sining (Artists’ Haven) in Luneta Park had lost its bronze statue worth up to half a million pesos.

The head of Art Association of the Philippines (AAP) claimed it was Saturday morning when he took photos within Kanlungan ng Sining and noticed the absence of artwork inside the garden. Realizing that the bronze masterpiece turned out to be missing.

The Stolen Treasure

Image of Half a Million Artwork in Luneta Park Got Stolen

The "folding crown" is a bronze statue made by artist Juan Sajid Imao, son of the late National Artist Abdulmari Asia Imao. It is made out of bronze and cement. Two people are required to carry an artwork with a weight of 80 kilos and four feet long.

AAP had this artwork for almost eight years after it was donated by the artist. Notably, plants were planted in the former location of the artwork. Which shouldn't be there in the first place. The contractor conducting renovations in the park committed to assist the investigation. CCTV footage is the only way to get details on the circumstances. But still limited, due to cameras are not installed in the perimeter of Kanlungan ng Sining.

The management also urges for public that artwork might dispose leading copper to be melted or otherwise sell it illegally—hoping that somehow not to happen. And just bring it back to them willingly.
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