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On this upcoming celebration of Halloween. Kalinga has some kind of strange—not only relatives are visiting the graves of their deceased. Also, other people go to see the graves for its unique and entertaining designs.

Volkswagen, plane, van, church, ship, and other nice looking designs. Who have thought these turned out to be tombs of the dead? These bizarre graves are located in the cemetery of Brgy. Nambaran, Tabuk, Kalinga. On the account, these unusual designs were based on the lifestyle, interests and profession of the deceased.

Next Destination... Final Destination

Image of Volkswagen, plane, van, church, ship, and other nice looking graves of Kalinga

In church ossuary, a former catechist is buried. The tomb with design of fighting cocks buried a derby enthusiasts. There's also lies a member of the New People's Army (NPA), which will further seen the logo of their group. According to the people who are residing there, they beautified graves to satisfy visitors.

Welcome Aboard

Image of Tabuk Kalinga Map

In Lubuagan, Kalinga, a fighter plane inside Cobsen Family's compound, grabs attention of passers-by. Here also lies the World War II veteran Martin Cobsen, who also became mayor of Lubuagan. The plane tomb was fitted with lighting and replicas of vintage bombs.

Usually, we are filled with sadness when we relay someone on their final resting place. Typically, if they are really important and special. But in Kalinga, thus their unique way to remember their loved ones.
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