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In many cases when a person dies, he has no way to get more bucks—financially impossible. But not with some popular personalities that widely influenced people when they're still alive. So even they've gone and resting in peace, still some Hollywood celebrities continue to earn. These celebrities and singers took millions of dollars. Forbes Magazine released the list of 'World's Top Earning Dead Celebrities'.

Who Are They?

  • 7. John Lennon - he is among of the top ten to earn $12 million dollars from October the year 2012 up to this month. As the result of the continued rise in sales of Beatles Records.
  • 6. Manilyn Monroe - it also includes the late sexy actress who earn a $15 million dollars. Her name and images were used in campaign ads for hair products, clothing and perfume.
  • 5. Bob Marley - a famous reggae singer is also listed in the top 5. Got $18 million dollars his estate from record albums and other products.
  • 4. Elizabeth Taylor - at number 4 from the perfume, films and real estate investment. The 'Screen Legend' earned a $25 million dollars.
  • 3. Charles M. Schulz - a cartoonist, he is the creator of "Peanut Comics Strips." He earned $37 million dollars.
  • 2. Elvis Presley - The King of Rock and Roll. With his fame and as the home Graceland. He earned $55 million dollars.
  • 1. Michael Jackson - he is really the king! The King of Pop earned $160 million dollars. Income from music sales, shows and his own music publishing company. MJ's earnings is greater compared with Madonna which leading the 'Top-Earning Living Celebrities' who earned only $125 million dollars.
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