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Responding to bomb threats put police lives into uncertainty. So in order to help them, they are now using innovative technologies such as robots. Even bomb jokes are taken seriously by the government and prohibited by the law. For bombing may be caused tremendous damages.

Tension covered the streets of EDSA in Pasay City last Wednesday, 9th of October 2013. When a suspicious bag was thrown into a passenger bus. Due to bomb scare passenger get off the vehicle immediately, even the bus driver himself run for their lives. Leaving bus mid-highway resulted traffic flow congestion.

Machine-Robo to the Rescue!

Image of Roy the EOD of PNP

Police uses modern technology to check the presence of explosives inside—an exclusive incident countermeasure robot. Commonly called explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robots. With this mechanical device, bomb tech experts doesn't need to come closer on suspected objects, avoiding the possibility of explosion. Every single motion is calculated, equipped with pair of hands and clippers that can pick up items, have camera and laser. That is operated by a remote control.

In instances such as bomb threat. Authorities informing people stop prying, evacuate as soon as possible and shouldn't move closer on dangered areas. If there is something suspicious, please notify the authorities immediately.

Seeing government gives an importance to these robotics. It is a clear appreciation that they value the of lives of its people and even the police. For the bomb squad, machinery are easily to replace. But life of its personnel cannot be. It's none replaceable, so we always have to take care and keep safe for each one and another.
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