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Different kinds of zombies, welcomes the participants of the annual zombie-theme run called the "Outbreak Missions." The participants ran, yelled, and had to cross tagging with zombies in order to survive. Participants must maintain the red paper attached to their bodies, which represents extra life—once all removed, player is out of the game.

Run on trend, you just have no choice but to run for your life. Others have strategies not to caught by the zombies. There are also accidents stumbled upon players while dodging. But, resting for a few minutes could help them gain full momentum to continue the game. Also, portion of a mall near the event became zombies territory.

Image of Mission Outbreak

What Can You Get? Registration Fee of P1000 Includes:

  • Outbreak Souvenir T-shirt
  • Stainless Outbreak Missions Authorization Card
  • "Life Representing" Flag Belt
  • Lootbag with goodies from sponsors
  • Collectible Dog tags for ALL "alive finishers"

Image of Mission Outbreak Fun Run

Organizers aiming for more fun and provide exciting event to enjoy by the running participants. They made it as a big game, a choose your own adventure. It's like a close to zombie movie experience felt by every player. A strange fun run attracted 'fear enthusiasts' of Muntinlupa City.
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