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Judging a book by its cover is undoubtedly a wrong decision. But leaving the first impression is always important, especially if you are going for an interview. So, how to do that? Your in-depth knowledge on the subject is of course a prerequisite. What about your dress? If you enter the interview room in a ragged and shriveled manner, not matter how intelligent you are, the interviewer would be least interested on you. However, that does not mean you would be wearing a party wear for such occasion. Here are some interview dressing tips that you can follow to leave a lasting impact.

For Men

Jeans and sport shoes are a big 'No' for job interview. Conservative is the call for the occasion. So men, you have three choices: informal business, formal business and casual wear. It is better not to put on anything out of these three clothing styles. For instance, if you are going for an interview to a high esteemed company, then a suit is always the first preference. Colors like navy, gray and black are always recommended for interview. Silk tie should be your first choice but do not make it flashy or with characters on it. Do not wear any jewelry. You can put on sports jacket, which is an informal business wear. Collared shirt is always accepted for interview purpose.

For Women

Women love to dress up for any occasion. But you need to restrict yourself to only a few stuffs, if you are going for a job interview. Once again, conservative wear is the call and women need to stick to the traditional-style clothing, perfected for the workplace. These can either be formal professional or informal professional outfit. If you are going for a factory or maintenance based jobs, then you can easily pick informal wear. Salwar kameez or formal shirt and pants can be ideal for interview. In the western corporate world, you can even wear skirts and dresses too, which is also allowed in some of the renowned companies. But the length is the skirt should be at the knee. You must not wear any shiny jewelry or put on any heavy make-up. Like men, the preferred color for women are black, gray, navy and other neutral colors. Avoid funky shoes and your purse should not over-emphasize your outfit.


Detailing is important for both men and women. You have to be extremely selective about whatever you choose and put on for a job interview. Cleanliness must not be ignored, especially. Your outfit should be well ironed and must not have bad sweaty smell. You can put on perfume or deodorant but the smell should not be very strong. Cover your tattoos and polish your shoes and avoid unnatural hair colors. You need to look out and out professional; so shed off your casual appearance.

You can spend on buying branded clothes for the purpose of interview. But again, you can also leave the best impression by choosing reasonable wear as well. Finally, it is the way you represent self and communicate to the interviewer, which actually matters.

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