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Today, websites like Facebook and other social media are part of every Filipino—a usual meeting place to start different conversation. In real life and on the internet, there should be a proper etiquette. This is a must, especially when we're using social media. But, by being fav this inevitably abuse of many. Social media causes manifold cyber-crimes such as; [1.] Identity theft - using someone else's name or identity. Stealing the pictures or videos to be used for a different reason. [2.] Cyber bullying. [3.] Cyber harassment.
  • Almost 30 million of Filipinos or 28.37% of the population in the Philippines are using Internet. As per Alexa—a California based traffic data ranking website.
  • So undeniable that the country Philippines is called, Social Networking Capital of the World.
  • A study concluded that, Facebook is the most popular website in the country. Twitter is at the 8th spot worldwide.

Netizens Etiquettes a Simple Cyber Ethics

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If victimized, user can submit a report on the website administrators. And even Philippines had no enough legislation that regulates the use of the internet. It is still an option to inform the authorities about your situation. To avoid these problems, here is our tips for you people.
  • Use Facebook and social networking accounts only for friends and family.
  • Limit people who can see posts and updates.
  • Restrict yourself on putting personal information. Such as birthday, phone numbers, address, ect. Because others could use it to get out more of your private information, especially, bank account.
  • Do not open links without even thinking. This spamming method may packed with viruses that could possibly collect your personal information.
  • It's not advisable to let other people learn where you're going. Turn off location services, mapping apps, and even GPS. Configure the settings which are commonly seen on tablets and mobile phones.
  • Do not use social networks as way for revenge on enemies. Thus, rivalry, a two-timer partner, or X's—pertaining to your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend, or his/her new found love.
  • Do not put anything that would allow others to discriminate you. Whether if it is posts, photos and videos that you will regret later.
  • If you have something to say and have no courage to tell. Do not say it through the internet, you may hurt and return to embarrassment. You should be responsible on your feelings, thoughts, and every words your mouth speaks.
  • Another unfairness caused by the internet is plagarism. Being possessive in the work of others. To avoid plagarism, each time you post photos, videos, and textual content. Always put a credit to its owners, either by providing the source or its original link.

Certainly, social media makes human life effortless, plain sailing and able to extend with the Internet. Remember, in every aspect of life there are rules we need to follow. Be responsible, set a meaningful purpose. So it wouldn't lead you, as a user into obsolete danger.
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