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Why do you think a company offers gift to it’s clients and customers? Of course, it wants to maintain a long lasting relationship but these giveaways are also intended to promote. The imprinted information aimed at spreading awareness among the large audience. Even from the perspective of marketing, promotional merchandises are way ahead and effective tools for advertising. The cost of impression is much low when compared to print advertising. However, companies never fail to use media for the sake of publicity but as per the latest survey of Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), promotional product is more instrumental in leaving greater impression.
  • First of all, if you want to promote any services, you need to use a tool that can remind about your company every time. Now, when you are using an advertising media, the effect it produces is for shorter period. Television, radio or internet can definitely create innovative adverts but there is a ‘turn on’ and ‘turn off’ factor. But in case of promotional product, its usability part makes it more prominent. The direct contact with clients or customers enhance the company visibility. The element of trust is more because the onlookers can relate the users with the services of the company.
  • Advertising media involves a lot of expenditure. If you are making a television advert, you need to spend a lot on planning, production, casting, shooting and so on. In case of radio, the cost is less compared to television but its still costly. Internet advertising can give you a high ROI, but you need to follow many strategies for which you need to hire a professional. Undoubtedly, you can receive a massive return but for a small organization, media advertising would excess their budget. Promotional merchandises would be ideal choice and the effect it leaves is similar as advertising media. The cost of implementation is rather very low.
  • Promotional products perform double duty! This means, the users keep on using the same product everyday but when new people come in contact, the product is of course new for them. For instance, if you have given an umbrella to your clients, they use it everyday, which reminds them about your services. But when the people on the road catch a glimpse of the umbrella, they see the name of your company and become aware about your brand. Hence, promotional goods have the ability to build recognition. If you compare this with print media, people see the ad twice but forget about it later in time, which is not possible for promotional items.

Advertising media misses out the opportunity to make the client feel special that can be done by promotional giveaways. It is a close encounter with your customers, where you are personally giving the gift. But advertising media is for audience at large. It can make people conscious but if you want to leave a deeper impact then choose the perfect promotional gift. Do not think from your point of view, think about the receivers and what they would like to have. You have an opportunity to create goodwill and loyalty. So grab the chance and build it!

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is the Chief Financial Officer and Web Manager of Newton Screen Printing. As an industry veteran, he shares his thoughts on the art of customer service as well as various other industry insights. Frank also discusses the ins and outs of promotional merchandise and marketing.

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