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Blogging can be a hobby or source of revenue, but it's undeniable, that it's a source of information and entertainment for many people. Of course, when you're new in the field and you're not really sure how the clock is ticking yet, you might get confused as to what platforms to use, how much they cost and are they worth it. All this confusion strays people away from blogging. Thousands of short stories and unfinished novels are collecting digital dust on their hard-drives, never being read by other people, left completely forgotten, because the writer (and potential blogger) isn't really familiar with what's going on in the blogosphere, and how easy it actually is to enter. There are many alternatives and many options. I will try to give you the best (needless to say they are the best in my opinion – this is not an objective article where I will carefully analyze data and statistics and will try to give you a concrete answer as to which is the best blogging platform) blogging platforms I have found worked very well for me in the past and I am, indeed, recommending them to people because it's worth using them or at least giving them a shot. Here are some of them.


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Tumblr is weird – there is no denying it. Many of its users have crawled out of some of the deepest and most scary and/or depressive caves of all creation just to share their “wisdom” with the rest of the world and terrify normal people. Not all of them are like that, but many are. This holds true through most of the blogosphere, though, because sometimes when you give voice to people who don't have anything to say, this is what happens.

Crazy users aside, Tumblr is a pretty solid blogging platform. Setting up your profile and choosing your theme is simply a blast, and the easy user interface lets seamlessly upload and edit different content. The layout (or the format) of the site makes it look a bit more personal, as your posts are put in bubbles and basically presented as your thoughts. This maybe not the best site for those of you who are looking to publish their fan-fic but it's a great site for personal opinions.


I must say, Blogger is a good platform, but I have been frustrated with it more times than I care to share. It's truly terrible that sometimes such a nice platform gives bugs and doesn't let you get into your account. I've had this problem several times, although I seem to be the only one, so it might be local.

Some problems I've had, aside, this here is a truly solid blogging platform, easy to use and set-up and perfect for first time bloggers. If you're planning on taking onto blogging, then Blogger might be just what you're looking for.


WordPress has an excellent content management system and can be truly useful when it comes to publishing.... whatever you want. The site gives you access to thousands of different themes, so setting up your profile might take a while, especially if you're anything like me and you're trying to everything look perfect. If you are still not convinced that WordPress is an excellent blogging platform, then perhaps I should inform you that it powers 1/6 of the first 10,000,000 sites on the Internet so, you know, can millions of people using it be wrong?

The CMS is great. You can easily upload content, share links, and there are even plug-ins you can use to promote your blog via social media. Everything you can ever need is there.
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