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Fear, death, and darkness are trending in some areas because of the upcoming Halloween. But not for the residents of Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. Those who clad like monsters and wearing 'aswang' outfit, instead threatening and frighten people away. They provide fun for children and adults. It's part of their annual Raniag Twilight Festival. When the day of Halloween is about to come. Scary beings can be seen on the roads of Vigan. Tourist and passers-by can observe mythical creatures like aswang, demons, zombies and especially ghost with horrific appearances. And these happenings held in place surrounded by old houses and buildings—typically Crisologo Street.

The ancient structures were been built during the Spanish era. But of course, they've just equipped themselves with costumes for their celebration and parade of the annual Vigan Raniag Twilight Festival. It started in the year 2010, the festival goal is to remember the dead in such colorful and fun-filled activities. It also provide ways to gather every member of the family. It's a unique way to pray for the dead.

Image of Vigan Raniag Twilight Festival

Just Enjoy the Celebration

  • Flight of the Sky Lanterns
  • Noli Me Tangere Musical
  • Candle Floating at Vigan River
  • Zombie Out Run Party
  • Halloween Party

Great Tourism at Vigan City

Image of Vigan Giant Christmas Tree

The giant Christmas tree is also shown publicly as the city is preparing for Christmas forth-right after Halloween. It stands at height of 34 feet. It represent dramatically the lifestyle, traditions and culture of Vigan City just as river cruise and heritage villages. Based on the organizers, they spent two months creating the Christmas tree. People here are doing each best strengthening tourism in their area this last quarter of the year. This could help especially Vigan is among of the following entry for 'New Wonder Cities of the World'.
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