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Free hosting, that is where my blog started before. Of course, it's hard to find reliable hosting especially, if it is only for free. So, I also tried jaunting with Hostinger.ph. Assuming, nearly three months my website run on them. It expanded the rank of my blog and as affiliates it also increases the traffic. Thus, I expect that any moment I'll be able to reach the limit. One of the top problem every website owner uses Hostinger is being caught by the error message "CPU Limit Exceeded."

During the hosting downtime, automatically website loses the ability to render its services. Hence, a major disadvantage for a blogger like me. Raised some questions and ask for help, that's the first thing I did. However, having free hosting account we know that they do not take any actions immediately. That is why, I make my own way discovering ways how to fix it instantly.

Things that Causes Free-quent Downtime

We all aware that level of support for a free hosting account is too low. So wondering why all of the sudden, our website gets frequent downtime even if we didn't maximized the hosting limit? What is the reason? Is it having free hosting account is a curse at all?
  • Huge traffic.
  • Heavy scripts like plugins, templates, and javascripts which are used in operation and design of a website.
  • DDOS attack, someone is trying to ruin your online career.
  • Promotional advertisement which will force you to upgrade to a premium hosting.

Yes! We Can Make a Proper Resolution

Free hosting users can't really avoid it. When this happen, right away grab the attention of their support team. You can submit a ticket or post on forum. I visited the support forum and found Hostinger do not immediately applied remedy to the problems. Sadly, it takes a few days or weeks before hosting restored. So, these are things we need to do when the 'CPU Limit Exceeded' comes poping up on the screen.
  1. This is the most important of all. Always remember, upon setting up your hostinger account. Use their free domain/subdomain immediately.
  2. If you have premium domain, point it to their nameservers. If you don't, get free dot.tk domain and then you point it to Hostinger. Park the domain right after fixing nameservers, option of parking a domain is available on your Hostinger Hosting Panel.
  3. Set up your website or blog and do the usual habit. Like posting articles to inspire and gain readers.
  4. Now, braze yourself and get ready to experience the much awaited 'CPU Limit Exceeded'! Log in and go immediately to Hostinger parked domain. Example, my collection of quotes, trivias, and jokes blog. Suppose, kowtz.tk is parked on the subdomain kwento.pusku.com. Unpark the domain and wait a few moments.
  5. After 3 to 5 minutes, park the domain again. Refresh the browser and wait 'til page to be loaded, in that case should there no 'CPU Limit Exceeded' at all.

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Therefore We Concluded

If you'd notice, the moment CPU Limit Exceeded came to ruin our website. The website does not work properly in our own defined domain. But while that said error is present, try to visit the sub-domain of hostinger deployed for your website. I'm certain it works properly. I've mentioned earlier that without even depleting most of the allotted bandwidth and space on free hosting. Still, why this is happening?

The answer for that, as I said, the company is promoting an account upgrade. On that way, Hostinger can now start earning real money from us. Well, I guess that's how the hosting business grow strategically.
Thank you for reading posted on the website if you want to redistribute this article please include the link as the source. Have some kuwento to share? !

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yep, that's just their marketing strategy. I'd rather just upgrade my account. Their monthly rate is a lot lower than other providers anyway.


What do you mean by pointing in to hostinger??? :)


This is the Nameservers of Hostinger.ph:
ns3. hostinger.ph


okei tnx i thought it means pointing it to my own web url... :) tnx for the info... so i will use all of this ns1.hostinger.ph
or just anyone of them??? and how can or where can i setup this on my dot.tk is it on domain forwarding or custom dns??? sorry for the questions, im just a newbie here, and i want to learn... :)


Hello, i did everything you said and it works. But when my site goes down, if I acess my parked domain and click any pages inside my blog it just returns to the original link of the page, and the original link is down because of CPU limit exceeded. How can I fix this? I have to make a parked domain for every single page on my blog?


Thank's but i founded the answer by myself. Anyways, how did you discovered this fix?


Oh great! I tired waiting for resolution from Hostinger Team. Sending support ticket will take too much time. So, I run some experiment. Finding out that sub-domain is working.

Anyway, what was the thing you discovered? Can you please share it with us?