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There's more than one kind of smart. There are eight! At least according to Dr. Howard Gardner, a Harvard professor who came up with the idea of Multiple Intelligence or MI. He says that people learn and show their intelligence in many ways. Many scientists now agree with him.
  1. Wonder Words - You're good with words. You enjoy reading, writing, and word games. You may find that learning a foreign language will be easy—and fun—for you.

  2. Number One Numbers - Calculating math problems come easily to you. You see patterns everywhere. You probably ace science and math tests.

  3. High Notes - You have no trouble picking out a tune's melody or rhythm. You might like to sing, play an instrument, and listen to all kinds of music.

  4. Seeing Is Learning - You enjoy looking at interesting objects and possibly have a talent for design. Many artistic people, such as painters, photographers, and architects, have spatial intelligence—they can visualize how things look or work in their mind.

  5. Hands On - Are you good at sports? Do you pick up dance steps easily? Or perhaps you're good with hands and like to make things. People with this kind of intelligence learn by doing.

  6. Me, Myself, and I - You're someone who tends to look inward. You know yourself very well, and regularly take stock of your likes and dislikes, your talents, what you're good at doing—and not so good at doing!

  7. Getting To Know You - You make friends easily, you're interested in finding out what makes people tick. Psychologists and salespeople have these skills.

  8. The Great Outdoors - You love nature. You're interested in knowing the names of plants and animals. You could spend hours gazing at a waterfall or observing a bird build its nest. You may keep a rock collection or be involved in environmental causes.

What Type of MI are You?

Image of Multiple Intelligence

MI is divided into eight different ways of learning. People have ability in all the intelligences, but in different amounts. Take a look at the different kinds of smart listed above and see if you can figure out how you learn best.
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