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It could surely pique your feelings if you learn that you have a rare type of disease. And how could you deal with it if you are a man to have a breast cancer? This is usually occurs in men who are positive with breast cancer. Of all people why you're choosen to bear this situation? Never ever imagine that once small lump you sense on the chest will become cancerous tumour.

Explained by the Philippine Cancer Society, even though breast cancer is common to most women. It's possible for men to have breast cancer too. But breast cancer cases in men is very rare.
  • One out of 100 patients with breast cancer is a he.
  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women.
  • Approximately 3 to 4 out of 10 women may suffer on breast cancer.
  • Based on the Philippine Cancer Society reports, the number of breast cancer cases are keep on increasing. Especially, for women aged 30 and above.

Image of Male With Breast Cancer

Indeed in 2010, approximately 12,645 cases of breast cancer were recorded. One percent (1%) or 126 of them are male and 99% were women. The risk of breast cancer is higher in women. For men it is uncommon, because male's ductings are small and underdeveloped breasts.

Throughout Southeast Asia, the Philippines is in the third place to get the highest number of breast cancer cases and deaths. Breast cancer cases is listed to be the world's second disease that have been infect humanity.

Breast Cancer Statistics in Southeast Asia

CountryRecorded CasesNumber of Death

The government also admitted that although they continued fighting against this type of cancer. Eventually, just only 4 out of every 10 patients were able to survived. This maybe because breast cancer is detectable and curable. One of the reasons for this in accordance with the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care is the absence of solid cancer control program. Those who seek for treatment in government hospitals were came from poor sectors—people scarce on financials. Have no ways to maintain their medications.

Department of Health (DOH) concluded that it is important to inform all people about the importance of medical facilities. So that at the early age any hidden diseases could be discovered. The thing is, due to women's lack of awareness, fear on diagnose, fear of treatment. Identifying and preventing breast cancer comes too late. People are still hoping that illnesses like breast cancer will be totally terminated someday.
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