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Everyone wants to see some growth or development in their chosen career. Working the same job without moving anywhere in a complete state of stagnation can be rather demotivating and even depressing. The problem is though, that there are some careers where growing isn't really all that easy, or even possible, and even when it is, the chance of managing that is quite low because of the steep competition. Statistics suggest that there are careers where that's much easier to pull off, however, than in other occupations. It all depends on your education, how good you are at your job, how needed your occupation actually is (there are many careers that are simply outdated already, while others are in their early development), and more. I will give you a few career options that have a really high growth potential. Starting with...

Biomedical Engineer

I know it sounds made-up, but it's totally real. This branch of engineering is the direct link between medicine and engineering and surprisingly doesn't come from Star Trek. Professionals in the medical and engineering fields will always be wanted and those jobs will always give you lots of room to grow (let's not forget doctors are among the top 1% when it comes to income by profession), but what makes biomedical engineers so special are the advancements made in the technological aspects in medicine thanks to them, and this is always a good thing. There will always be lots of money in technological development, but medicine is special in this regard, because of our fundamental fears of death, aging and diseases.

Network Systems Expert

We live in the information age, so anything that has to do with computers is good. However, being a network systems expert is especially profitable considering the fact that companies now have to be online more than ever. Systems are being updated and have to be maintained, IT departments are growing, and someone has to maintain the delicate balance of those systems. That would be you. Lots of jobs for network systems experts will be opened in the near future, and the better you are, the bigger the chance you will work for a nice, big, respectable corporation that will pay you the big bucks to keep their system up and running. This job gives you excellent opportunities.

Financial Consultant

The more you know about the modern money mechanics, the better. Financial consultant is getting an ever more popular of a job option for one reason – companies need someone to advice them on how to handle investments, how to grow, etc. Frequently, the best way to do is to hire an independent contractor who will most objectively examine the situation and give the best advice. Big companies have always used the services of financial experts, but with the uncertain economy out there, no one likes taking unnecessary risks, so even small business use the services of financial consultants. Plus, just like with computers, if you know your way around money and have the proper education, there is almost no chance you are ever going to be left without a job or without the chance to grow.

Software Engineer

This should hardly come as a surprise. Like I said, everything today revolves around computers and someone is supposed to develop the software these computers run on. This where you come in with your excellent programming skills and your fancy degree and you save the day by creating new programs and revolutionary software to keep us running. Keep in mind those aren't the only fields that offer growth, but as far as the statistical probability of career growth goes, those are your best bets.
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