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Everybody knows that you can rent cars, however there is a whole bunch of other things that you may not quite believe you can rent; from a robot to a bridesmaid and a fighter jet, the opportunities these days are endless.

Renting is the perfect opportunity to get a taste for something that you may not have had the opportunity to experience otherwise or perhaps, to help you get out of a sticky situation. You don’t own the item you rent, so of course, it allows you to use and enjoy the item, when it’s appropriate for you to do so.

One thing to consider with renting though, is that items can come at a price. Take Roman Abramovich’s yacht which can be rented out for $2 million a week. Some may think you may be just as well-off to go ahead and buy a yacht yourself at that price. Perhaps, they may be right! And then there’s renting out a celebrity for an event; is Bill Clinton really worth $350,000? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Find out about more interesting and whacky things you can rent in our infographic below. There will surely be something that will take your fancy.

Image of Infographic: Aries Car Rental

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