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Crystal is perhaps one of the most beautiful materials known to man. It is often associated with wealth and prestige. These days it is quite common to see a crystal glass ornament in someone’s home or see a wealthy lady adorned in Swarovski crystals. However, have you ever wondered when exactly crystal became popular? And in fact how it is produced?

There is endless interesting facts about crystal that you have probably never heard of, for example, Swarovski is actually just as important to the industrial industry as it is for fashion purposes; their crystal and glass technology is used for industrial grinding wheels, in the optics industry and as lighting for the road and transport industry.

Furthermore, the process of actually making crystal is considerably interesting. Find out everything you could possibly want to know about crystal and more with our infographic below.

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Liam Caulfield is an extremely talented Dubliner, working and living in Swords, North County Dublin. Caulfield Glass was established in 2000 and his company has expanded rapidly over the last ten years. His team are all highly skilled and trained in their specialised field, providing excellent customer service, while developing their own unique and stylish brand, Crystal Eire.

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