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I saw it last time in the U.P. Diliman volunteer students. Probably, you've been watching them on TV as well. They actually asked people to hand out any of the broken electronic gadgets including chargers and batteries. They aim to help and donate it to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Especially, due to the storm. Most of those places suffers from total power outage.

They want to upcycle these materials. And an emergency power charger is one of their terrific creation. With adequate power from the baterry. They sorted a simple electronic device that can recharge cellphones or gadgets that only require low voltage.

Things We Needed for this Project

  • 1 piece soldering iron
  • 1 battery 9 volts with connector
  • 1 5v regulator (7805)
  • 2 pieces 100 ohms resistor
  • 1 LED (if you want to add power light indicator)
  • 1 power switch
  • 1 female USB

Super Simple Diagram

Image of Diagram Emergency Power Charger

Actual Finish Product

Image of Emergency Power Charger


It's not clear yet why we need 100 ohms resistor. But as soon as source made some clarifications. We will also make some updates about the article. Anyway, one thing is clear enough we can use 9v rechargeable battery instead of disposable one. See sample diagram with 9v disposable battery provided. Just an update! Resistors represented by d- and d+.
Thank you for reading posted on the website if you want to redistribute this article please include the link as the source. Have some kuwento to share? !

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