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From ordinary people up to celebrities. Either when bored or there's just something new. You intend to play with the camera. Capturing your face, yourself—check if everything is OK. Being selfie is the latest trend for some netizens nowaday. What does selfie mean? Selfie is taking photos of your own using the digital camera or cellphone all by yourself. Then upload and post it on social networking websites such as Facebook. The word gain great momentum. Indeed, the usage of word spike 17,000 percent this year alone.

Different Style of Selfie

  • pouting lips
  • duck face
  • against the mirror
  • day dreaming
  • OTD or Outfit of the Day
  • inspired by the background
  • wacky face

Oxford Dictionary (Oxford Dictionaries) staged selfie as the 2013 Word of the Year. The Oxford Dictionary is considered as one of the authorities when it comes to English language. According to their monitoring, since the month of January this year there was a great increase on its usage. Back year 2002 when people from Australia starts using selfie. It quickly spread throughout social media. It even beat ''twerk'' a term referring to dancing in a sexually provocative way which first introduced by Miley Cyrus.

Image of Sample Selfie

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