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The asteroid belt is still a regular circling space rocks. But some of them like to show off. Take the recently discovered asteroid not one but six tails sticking out like a starfish covered with spines. A dust tail normally follows a comet. But despite of multiple dust streamers—the object dubbed P/2013 P5 is actually an asteroid. Astronomers think it started spinning fast enough to eject its surface materials and dust. Then radiation pressure from the Sun made the dust into tails. Which change continuously as the asteroid rotates.

Indians to Martians

Image of Six Tails Asteroid

This month, India made a huge step in the space race and launched their craft towards Mars. If the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) reaches the red planet in three hundred days as a planned. India will be the fourth nation with the successful Mars mission.

In addition to the scientific achievement MOM marks an economic accomplishment. Although the mission's price tag of $73 million dollars sounds like a lot. It's actually less than some commercial airplanes and compared to the three hundred million where India spending on a statue of politician—Statue of Unity. This martian voyage is cheap indeed.

Billions of Earth-like Planets

The Kepler Mission has detected many extra solar planets. But how many are like Earth? According to a new analysis, there are billions. In the Milky Way, alone one in every five sun-like stars has an earth-sized planet orbiting its habitable zone. That's the region at just the right distance for water to exist in liquid form. And that means our galaxy could hold 42 billion planets the size of our own.
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