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The tragic fate of the Filipinos this month of November is caused by the storm Yolanda (Haiyan). A tropical supertyphoon that devastated almost entire Visayas region. Yolanda with international name Haiyan is one of the strongest storm ever recorded in history of the planet. Thus, people never imagine the ferocity of this storm marks them with too much suffering. Several days ago right after the storm ravaged the Philippines. Only few survivors were able to received assistance. Most victims of the storm are not yet assisted, especially, help from the goverment.

The super typhoon has causes chaos that marked the very pages of the history. Overseas and countries all over the world also pledged to help Philippines. And more importantly, aiding people who are grieving for the death of their relatives. What really happened before and after the storm hit Philippines?

Super Typhoon Haiyan the Ultimately Wipe Out!

Image of Super Typhoon Haiyan

  • The Birth of Typhoon Yolanda - Yolanda landed Guian, Eastern Samar at 4:40 A.M. November 8, 2013 with center winds of 235 kilometers per hour and 275 kph gustiness. Super typhoon also landfall the neighboring places such as Dulag-Tolosa, Leyte's mountain terrain, northern Cebu in Daanbantayan, Bantayan Island, Conception, Ilo-ilo in Panay Island. The supertyphoon sixth landfall in the Calamian Group of Islands in the nothern tip of Palawan. Almost six consecutive landfalls. Alphabet used to name storms almost depleted this year 2013 because of the volume of storm passed. Right after Yolanda comes tropical storm Zoraida.
  • Storm Surge - With the storming strength sea water dragged from the Pacifc hitting the coastline. Its height reaches about 6 meters (20 feet). Rain, wind and storm surge caused damages to households, buildings, woods, property, cars or vehicles including ships and fishing vessels. Storm surge also left Visayas with countless of deaths. Severely impaired people living near the coastal area.
  • Pollution and Global Warming - Haiyan, a super storm was also strengthened by Global Warming. Deterioration in the balance of nature caused by people. Due to abnormal heat effects of global warming. It rises sea level which gave additional force to further strengthen the storm.
  • Berserk in Order to Survive a 'Walking Dead' Like Scenery - Chronical looting in Leyte and neighboring areas is witnessed last few days. People have nothing eat, no drinking water is available and no home to shelter their soaking wet bodies. Forced to take items, food and money out of the shops, malls and warehouses. These include Gaisano Mall, small grocery stores, banks or ATMs. Even National Food Authority warehouse was occupied by the people. Leading the death of 8 persons. Burglary trends households to steal.
  • Sexual Threats Among Women - Exploitation, trafficking and rape, these are big threat to women's security. They survived from Yolanda's wrath but how about robbery and rape cases for some women exposed on these situation? Even the temporary shelter made out from debris like tin roof that hooked by improvised materials can't prevent evil intentions against Filipina survivors.
  • Death Tool Rises - The storm Yolanda left people with massive destruction. Thousands of dead bodies are now spreading elsewhere notably in the provinces devastated by typhoon Yolanda. Some cadavers were only placed on the side roads, inside of the damaged buildings and those other are still burried under debris. There are not enough body bags to collect the bodies. Debris blocking the roads is another issue. Corpse decomposing—rotting rapidly needs immediate burial. Local government conducted mass grave to prevent possible diseases that can be obtained here as the Department of Health (DOH) suggested.

Let's Do It All Together!

Lack of food, shelter and clean drinking water are fundamental needs. But also the security and medical assistance for survivors. Despite of unthinkable destruction made by Yolanda, people didn't lost hope. For they have strong faith in God. Government together with well-known personalities, companies, organizations, international communities and even countries around the world never stop helping the Philippines rise again.
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