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Anna Bagenholm, a Swedish doctor, went skiing one winter day in 1999, never imagining she'd end up in medical textbooks. While skiing Bagenholm tumbled into an icy stream and became trapped under a thick layer of ice. With her head and upper body in freezing water, she found an air pocket and managed to hang on for 80 minutes it look for rescue workers to free her. By the time she reached a hospital, she had no heartbeat and her temperature was 56.7 degrees Fahrenheit—about 42 degrees lower than normal. The doctor didn't think she would live.

Luckily, Bagenholm did live because her body cooled way down before her heart stopped. With a much slower metabolism, her cells didn't need as much oxygen. She holds the record for being the only person to survive such low body temperature. Today, Bagenholm is once again working—and skiing.

Image of Mountains near the town of Narvik, Norway

Bagenholm was found in the mountains near the town of Narvik, Norway.


As temperature climb higher and the humidity rises, your body has to work harder to cool down. Sometimes, though, a body makes or takes in too much heat and can't cool down quickly enough. If the body's temperature goes above 105 degrees Fahrenheit, a condition known as heat stroke occurs. Symptoms include hot, dry skin, a rapid pulse, headache, and vomiting. Sweating, the body's natural cooling system, stops completely.

The best way to get over heat stroke is to find a place with air conditioning and bathe in cool water. If you are out in nature, find shade and use water to cool off.
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