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Chocolates are a mouth-watering treat for most persons. If you wish to impress a loved one, you can send chocolates online.

Chocolates can be ordered from bakeries or online stores. Chocolates for special occasions include:
  • Valentine’s Day chocolates
  • Birthday chocolates
  • Christmas chocolates
  • Mother’s day chocolates
  • Father’s day chocolates
  • Thank You chocolates
  • Belgian chocolates
  • Chocolate Pizzas

Belgian chocolates are a great variety that occupies a special place in the world of chocolates. They are a highly selfish indulgence that cannot be shared with anyone. Silky smooth and succulent treats wrapped with ribbon in a Ballotin box are a great way to celebrate any event.

Finley assorted and rich Belgian chocolates are the perfect way to entertain and treat anyone on special occasions like birthdays or wedding anniversaries. Chocolates are especially popular as a gift for Valentine’s Day. They are also popular for birthdays and wedding days. They can also pep up your relatives who are sick and can be used to wish, ‘get well soon’.

You can choose from a wide and exclusive range of chocolates from online stores for delivery to your near and dear ones. The advantages of chocolates are:
  • Unique Packaging: Each package of chocolate gifts comes in a unique packing.
  • Combo Gifts: Sometimes chocolate packages are accompanied, by a teddy bear, to bring a smile to the face of the receiver.

You can send an exquisite variety of Belgian chocolates for friends and family from a wide choice available online. This may include a Milk Chocolate Ballotin for a wedding party or a classic assorted hamper for a corporate meeting. All the chocolates are designed to complement the theme of the special occasion.

Online bakeries selling chocolates have perfected two ways of crafting exquisite chocolates. These methods include
  1. Tempering - Tempering is heat treatment for chocolates consisting of heating and cooling. The aim is to achieve the right amount of shininess to the chocolate and to control the way it breaks. Tempering machines from Belgium will do the trick.
  2. Moulding - The second method is moulding. It is a design technique used to make chocolates of desired shapes and sizes. Liquid chocolate is poured into a mould and left to harden. Belgian moulds are ideal for this process. Online companies possess a wide range of moulds suitable for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas etc.

The delivery system for your chocolates is highly professional. First you have to place an order. It will be processed and packed with care. Then it will be sent by recorded delivery through a partner mail service like Royal mail.

You can track your order. Firstly, you will receive an email confirming your order. When the order is ready to be shipped, you will receive a second email to let you know that your order has been processed and is on its way. Finally, an email will ascertain that your chocolates have been delivered.

Chocolates can be delivered to many countries especially UK, US, UAE and Pakistan. 24 hour online service is available to process and track your orders.

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