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Let's talk about poop! Stool samples taken from other person is use to cure certain diseases, gross isn't it? A study released last week in the journal Plos One indicates that fecal transplants really worked. You know, fecal transplants. Where you take poop from a healthy person's gut and put it into an unhealthy gut. There's a lot of evidence that actually says this is a good way to restore a healthy bacterial community in your bowels. But, the scientific world still isn't sure what the long-term effects are? Because you know, its poop!

So, biologist at the University of Maryland School of Medicine followed a large number of patients being treated in Maryland Hospital for Clostridium Defficile. A bacterial infection that commonly causes diarrhea after using antibiotics. The patients were treated with fecal transplants given healthy fecal matter in the form of enemas. After a year the fecal transplant appeared to have resolved the infections and restored healthy bacterial communities to the patient. Thank goodness!

System Collapsed to System Restore

Image of Fecal Transplant

Infections from the microorganism C. Difficile occur when antibiotic treatment knocks out the body's naturally-occurring bacteria in the intestinal tract. C. difficile can take over, causing extreme diarrhea and fluid loss. In extreme cases, doctors must restore the balance by introducing new bacteria obtained from a stool donor.
  1. A healthy symbiosis; the human digestive tract is a complex ecosystem of billions of bacteria that digest food.
  2. Indiscriminate death; antibiotics kill off both dangerous and good bacteria.
  3. Marauders take over, allowing spores from C. difficile to flower and take over the colon, which causes damage and diarrhea.
  4. The ultimate pro-biotic: Introducing bacteria from a stool donor into the body restores the balance of the ecosystem.
  5. A new population; new bacteria repopulate the colon and keep C. difficile in check.

If you want to learn more about fecal transplants check out some infusion about obesity and some other treatments. Just don't try this at home please.

Image of Fecal on Laboratory Prepare for Transplant

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