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Childhood allergies may appear because of a genetic predisposition. If both parents have allergies there's a 75% chance their child will too. But, it takes some kind of environmental trigger to trend that predisposition into a certainty. And there's really no way to know what exactly can act as the trigger. However, if you want to help increase the chances that your child will not develop allergies. Here are a few things to try.

Pet Therapy

Bring a pet into the house. In 18 years study of 500 kids found that boys and girls who are raised around cats are half as likely to develop pet allergies as to children who have not live with the animals.

Pet Dogs are Good for Boys but NOT for Girls

Exposing infants to the dogs, boys had their risk of allergies slashed in half. But, girls under the age of one who lived with dogs are at an increased risk of developing a pet allergy.

Food Allergen Consumption; Contrary

More controversial is the idea of allergen introduction. Some doctors advocate eating highly allergic foods such as nuts, seeds and soya throughout her pregnancy to help build tolerance in the fetus. But other doctors warned that eating and allergen-pack diet may do the opposite resulting of allergies after birth.

Breastmilk is Still Best for Babies

Another theory is that breastfeeding a newborn for at least four months may strengthen the infant's immune system. Making a child more allergy resistant. But recently, research has indicated that the protective power of nursing at least in terms of allergy prevention may be exaggerated.

Image of Childhood Allergies

Keep in mind that while your toddler may not exhibit allergies a child can develop allergies at anytime. If they do, take your child to an allergist for treatments to ease the symptoms and to protect the child from developing more severe reactions. Such as, allergic asthma or even anaphylaxis. To find out about the most common allergies check out other information in this article.
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